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At James Alistair we have deep expertise in driving procurement savings and managing costs.
Pile of Coins
Savings Opportunity Assessments

Purchases typically make up 40-70% of a company's total costs. We help identify key savings opportunities by reviewing company-wide procurement spend, major negotiated contracts, key supplier relationships and current procurement processes.

Closing a Deal
Complex Negotiations, Supplier  & Cost Management

Many organizations are under skilled and under prepared for major supplier negotiations. We work closely with your teams to strategize and execute sourcing and negotiation strategies, ensuring longevity of savings through aligning cost-change principals with selected suppliers.

Documents and Blurred Business Men
Organizational Assessments

Nothing is more critical than having the right procurement skill sets in your organization. Using our expertise and knowledge of best-in-class procurement structures and competencies, we develop  a road-map, tailored to your company's size and business plans.

Orange Juice Factory
Contract Manufacturing

As outsourcing continues to grow, negotiating sound contract manufacturing agreements is key to both parties. Our extensive experience in third party contract manufacturing can help build sustainable supplier relationships that provide a foundation for driving sales and profitability.

Stalks of Wheat
Commodity Cost Management Strategies

Commodities can make up a significant portion of the underlying cost-of-goods and flow-through impact to your bottom-line. We work to deliver improvements in cost-management by developing transparency into the cost-of-goods supply chain and implementing strategies to better manage commodity cost drivers.

Signing Contract

Having effective agreements can be key to managing negotiated costs and agreed service terms. We partner with your procurement and legal teams to implement agreements that will help ensure sustainable results.

Refrigerated Goods
Private Label Representation

Private label products continue to grow in importance to consumers. Utilizing our extensive retail and contract manufacturing knowledge, we can support your company's growth plans with the retail industry.

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